Building Alaska

Building AlaskaBroadcast on public television stations nationwide in 2010.

Building Alaska celebrates Alaska’s engineering achievements during the 50th anniversary of statehood. Alaska’s arctic climate, with permafrost, cold and darkness, make it a difficult and expensive place to build.  The story of overcoming these obstacles to create engineering masterpieces is the stuff of dramatic and visually spectacular TV.


Building Alaska takes a look at the projects that built Alaska:
Three great railroads—the White Pass, the Copper River, and the Alaska Railroad—that helped extract natural resources and transform Alaska into a place where people could live and a State could be born;

Alaska’s roads, the Richardson and Parks Highways, which were carved from the wilderness and which, once paved and modernized, got Alaska “out of the mud”;

Future projects on the drawing board which many observers agree need to be built, such as a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay and the Knik Arm Bridge in Anchorage.

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