Movie Matrimony

Premiered June, 1998, on American Movie Classics and Romance Classics

A humorous look at how the movies have depicted weddings throughout film history. Hosted by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, this documentary includes clips from more than 30 of Hollywood's most well known films, including:

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The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Premiered April 30, 1997, on PBS.The Trial of Adolf Eichman

In 1961, the televised trial of Nazi SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann by a Jerusalem court shocked the world. Eichmann, whose role in deporting the Jews of Europe to concentration camps had made him the target of a 15-year manhunt by Israeli agents, adopted the same defense as that of other Nazi's: he was just following orders. Actual trial footage and emotional recollections of trial witnesses and other key participants provide insight and contrasting perspectives of Eichmann's unsettling legacy.

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He Conquered Space

Premiered December 1, 1996, on The Discovery Channel

A look into the life of Wernher von Braun, one of the most important figures in American rocket development. From his boyhood sketches to his design of Hitler's dreaded V-2 rocket to the creation of the rocket that shot American astronauts to the moon, von Braun's inventive genius is explored.


Narrator: Charles Kuralt
Producers: Kenneth Mandel, Daniel B. Polin
Writers: Daniel B. Polin, Perry Wolff
Original Music: T.O. Sterrett
Editor: Ted Winterburn
Associate Producer: Meema Spadola

An Essay on Matisse

Premiered on November 6, 1996, on PBSAn Essay on Matisse

An Essay on Matisse chronicles the life and art of Henri Matisse, the revered French painter whose style forever changed the face of 20th-century art. Through Matisse's provocative paintings, veteran producer and writer Perry Wolff documents the evolution of the revolutionary artist, who was the first to put color at the center of art.


Acadamy Award Nomination for Best Short Documentary.

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