Making the Best Better: The Construction of the New Maynard Jackson International Terminal

Making the Best BetterCurrent data indicates international passenger volume at Hartsfield-Jackson could exceed 13 million people by 2015. To meet this forecast demand, planners have designed a new global gateway for the city of Atlanta. Construction on the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal began in the summer of 2008 and is set for completion in April 2012.  Great Projects Media is documenting this effort.

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The Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling, also produced for the National Society of Professional Engineers, is a video about women engineers and their exclusion from the highest levels of management.

Henry's Daughters

Henry's DaughtersProduced for the National Institute of Engineering Ethics, Henry’s Daughters targets engineering students and practicing engineers.  It was distributed to engineering schools nationwide and translated into 12 languages.  The video shows that good and well meaning people can unintentionally get into situations that may result

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TheEthicana devastating effects that fraud, bribery and corruption in engineering and construction have had worldwide inspired the creation of Ethicana.

The film is the centerpiece production of the Anti-Corruption Education and Training Initiative, a consortium of 12 cooperating agencies including the American Society of Civil Engineers.  ACET is a collaborative effort led by a global team of educators, engineering professionals and communicators.

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Gilbane Gold

A Case Study in Engineering Ethics is used in nearly every U.S. engineering school; produced for the National Society for Professional Engineers (NSPE).

Incident at Morales An Engineering Ethics Story

Incident at Morales_Great Projects MediaIncident at Morales is a 36-minute fictional drama, commissioned by the National Institute for Engineering Ethics, about a young engineer confronting ethical dilemmas while working on a new chemical plant in Mexico.

Fred Martinez, a licensed professional engineer who has recently signed on to work for Phaust Chemicals, a US division of a French multinational corporation, is tasked to design a new plant in Morales Mexico. His challenge is to reformulate a new paint-stripping product to meet new environmental regulations and to compete with a rival's product. He believes he has fulfilled his ethical responsibility to design a safe and efficient plant, but he and his colleagues are told by corporate headquarters to both cut budgets and get the plant on line faster. Fred identifies environmental and technical problems that could put the safety of workers and residents in jeopardy. In the climax of the film, the viewer sees the impact of his decisions.

Incident at Morales presents the ethical dilemmas faced in the commercial world for audiences of students and professionals who confront these situations daily and somehow must make the right choices. The video and DVD will be used in engineering schools nationwide.

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Paul H. Nitze

Paul H. Nitze: Reflections of a Cold Warrior, commissioned by the School of Advanced International Studies at The Johns Hopkins University, is a video memoir of the distinguished diplomat that premiered at Ambassador Nitze's 90th birthday celebration.

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